• M.O.S

    Mind of Spades


    To help create a positive outlet of expression for the youth through the form of the arts, developing life skills, character building, and social development.

    To develop innovative minds with life skills and creativity with the help of dedicated, well-versed counsel.

    Mind of Spades (MOS) was created to ensure mentees and mentors develop a mutual understanding of expectations from the beginning of their relationship. Additionally, it creates a series of identifiable benchmarks and goals to work towards and evaluate progress.

    This will help each mentee/mentor pair:
    • Establish communication expectations
    • Identify goals for this mentoring relationship
    • Outline skill areas to be enhanced or developed through this partnership
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    • Mentorship Program
    • Writing Expression
    • Financial Literacy
    • Nutrition
    • Community Outreach


    We give our youth an opportunity to express themselves creativelyand give back to the community through different acts of service.